Atlanta 500 Recap and Ranking Accuracy

Another week in the books, and another mediocre finish for my fantasy line up.  One of these weeks I will have all my drivers finish the race intact, and I will produce some solid points.  Jeff Gordon didn’t fare so well this time around and it really hurt us.  On the other hand, I was very surprised by Alex Bowman, who produced me 44 points in Fox Fantasy.


Nascar Fantasy Live

Points Scored: 272

Overall Rank: #20,432

Crash and Burn Rank: #12 out of 76

Fantasy Racing Cheat Sheet Rank: #15 out of 41


Fox Fantasy Auto Racing

Points Scored: 219

Overall Rank: #4,459

Race Hub Rank: #356 out of 3,041

Fantasy Nascar Preview Rank: #18 out of 52


Yahoo Fantasy Racing

Points Scored: 241

Overall Rank: #20,612

Fantasy Nascar Preview League 2 Rank: #25 out of 50

/r/nascar Rank: #75 out of 497

Fans of Dale Jr. Rank: #651 out of 2,941


We made up some ground in Fox Fantasy, but lost ground in and Yahoo.  This is no surprise as Fox Fantasy is my stomping ground, I have been using this site for many years and know how it works with the scoring and line up requirements.  I plan on having a better lineup for the Kobalt 400, but with Fantasy Nascar being so unpredictable, you never know.


I will be posting my accuracy report after the 4th race.  I realized I needed more data before I posted it.  Stay tuned.

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