California Auto Club 400 Recap

California Auto Club 400 Keselowski

Another week in the books, and we are climbing up the rankings.

Nascar Fantasy Live

Points Scored: 211

Overall Rank: #51,857

Crash and Burn Rank: #41 out of 76

Fantasy Racing Cheat Sheet Rank: #25 out of 41


Fox Fantasy Auto Racing

Points Scored: 208

Overall Rank: #533

Race Hub Rank: #80 out of 4,824

Fantasy Nascar Preview Rank: #9 out of 52


Yahoo Fantasy Racing

Points Scored: 362

Overall Rank: #14,080

Fantasy Nascar Preview League 2 Rank: #28 out of 50

/r/nascar Rank: #51 out of 497

Fans of Dale Jr. Rank: #394 out of 2,941


Overall I would say we had a very solid run at California.  I had Menard in place of Mears at first, but eventually put Mears in for the bonus points since he started 37th.


Stay tuned for my Yahoo Rankings on Thursday(3/26/2015).

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