Martinsville STP 500 Recap

Photo Courtesy of Nascar Media

Photo Courtesy of Nascar Media

We had another solid week here at Fantasy Racing  Although Jimmie Johnson let us down, we were still able to overcome him finishing 35th.  This week we were able to move up in the Nascar Fantasy Live & Fox Fantasy platforms.  It is becoming more obvious that we still have some work to do, if we want to crack the Yahoo Fantasy code.  Below you will find out rankings in each of our groups.

Nascar Fantasy Live

Points Scored: 257

Overall Rank: #49,803

Crash and Burn Rank: #39 out of 76

Fantasy Racing Cheat Sheet Rank: #23 out of 41


Fox Fantasy Auto Racing

Points Scored: 185

Overall Rank: #385

Race Hub Rank: #55 out of 4947

Fantasy Nascar Preview Rank: #6 out of 52


Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing

Points Scored: 254

Overall Rank: #16,561

Fantasy Nascar Preview League 2 Rank: #15 out of 50

/r/nascar Rank: #57 out of 526

Fans of Dale Jr Rank: #501 out of 3,173


As you can see, we are rocking it with the Fox Fantasy Platform.  Our formula was originally developed for that platform, so it’s no surprise to us.  This is the first year we dipped into the NASCAR and Yahoo platforms.  It will take us some time, but we will eventually be able to dial in the results so they are more acceptable.

Our Early Yahoo rankings will be posted later today. Stay tuned.

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