Atlanta 500 Fantasy Recap

Atlanta was pretty good to us ranking wise, not so much with out fantasy line ups.  I feel like we missed out on a lot of points.  Below is our recap.

Lets start off with how we did on the FoxSports platform.


As you can see we did get 20 more points than last week, but that is still not enough to keep us on pace for top 100 overall.  With a few adjustments I think we can get back to our 220/week average.

Here is the FoxSports overall rankings:



On to the Yahoo Fantasy Auto platform:


After winning last week by a slim margin, we were yet again contending for the top spot in week 2.  I am very pleased with how my picks/rankings are turning out so far on this platform after the disaster I had last year.

The Nascar Fantasy Live platform is lacking participates, so I haven’t been showing that lately, but I will start showing my overall score starting next week.

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