Phoenix Good Sam 500 Fantasy Recap

Photo courtesy of NASCAR Media


You know what they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day.  My formula has put Kevin Harvick on the top of the list each week, and he finally pulls through a Phoenix where he continues to dominate.  Here is a quick run down of how my week went on all the platforms.

Starting with the FoxSports Fantasy Auto Platform:



We had a really good line up until Brad Keselowski ran into some trouble.  It seems that our streak of having 1 or more drivers wreck each week will continue.  The good news is we are still close to the leader, so one solid week and we will be right back into the fight.


Yahoo Fantasy Auto Platform:



I know what some of you are probably thinking, I will use up all of Kevin Harvicks starts very early in the season.  While this is true, my formula is able to compensate for that and I will plug in the very next person on the list.  Kevin Harvick has been so dominate that his historical data is really amazing, and my formula is picking him and the top driver each week.  I was able to hold onto 2nd place this week, while the leader added to their lead.


NASCAR Fantasy Live Platform:



We had a very good week on the Nascar Fantasy Live platform. With a total of 398.5 points, we shot up the leader boards and we currently sitting at the 95.40 percentile.  We only have 2 members in our league for this platform, so I don’t plan on showing the standings.

Early rankings for the Auto Club Speedway will be released soon.

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