Fantasy Racing Expert – DraftKings Spreadsheet

This week I have decided to release the spreadsheet that I use on the DraftKings platform. This spreadsheet will be available shortly after my final rankings are published. Below is what it will look like and I will explain how to use it.

The spreadsheet will contain 3 tabs(Instructions, Drivers, Results).

The Instructions tab gives you a quick run down on how to use the spreadsheet.


The Drivers tab allows you to select or deselect drivers that will appear in the combinations.


The Results tab will show you the combinations of only the drivers you have selected(X next to the driver name).


Now that the tabs are explained here is how to use the spreadsheet.

With the drivers tab, this will allow you to select or deselect any driver that you don’t want to use in your line ups. An example of this would be if I did not like Matt Kenseth this week I would deselect him from the Driver Tab shown below:


I would then hit the Apply button, and the Results Tab will only show me combinations that do not contain Matt Kenseth.

I would not advise deselecting more than 4-5 drivers at a time.

The spreadsheet does take some time to process all the combinations and drivers that are selected. So please be patient.

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