The Method

What we use to determine the finish position/projected points:

Current Track Practice Times

Historical Practice Times

Current Qualify Position

Historical Qualify Positions

Historical Finish Position

Historical Average Running Position

Historical Driver Rating


Why only these 7 points of data?

We have determined that with these 7 points we are able to obtain a correlation greater than .6. Each of these are weighted differently as they are not all equal in determining the final finish position/projected points.


How are we doing in 2017?

Driver Finish Accuracy(Correlation): Coming Soon!

Driver Projected Points Accuracy(Correlation): Coming Soon!

Platform: Rank (Change from previous week)

Fox Fantasy Auto: Coming Soon!

Yahoo Fantasy Auto: Coming Soon!

Nascar Live: Coming Soon!


Our Posting Schedule:

Monday: Race Recap / Expert Accuracy Updated

Tuesday/Wednesday: Early Rankings / Yahoo Picks

After Qualifying: Nascar Live & Fox Fantasy Auto Rankings / Projected Points / Picks